Buying British: Why Manufacturing in the UK makes sense

By Alpha Manufacturing
schedule16th Mar 22

The past few years has seen businesses facing struggles like never before, from the uncertainty brought about by Brexit to the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, 2022 has begun with its own unique set of trials. Beginning in December, the UK’s cost of living crisis has seen inflation jump to its highest level in almost 30 years, at 5.4%, creating rising pressure on businesses.

It isn’t just inflation affecting business. Fuel and energy costs are at an all-time high, and the transportation costs of exporting goods for both road and sea freight have risen, in some cases to four times the pre-covid cost. With the recent news of the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, this event has caused more uncertainty around rising fuel prices and interruptions in the  supply of parts such as machinery and raw materials.

Alpha Manufacturing Commercial Director, Robin Eley, shares his thoughts on why choosing British sheet metal suppliers can help alleviate supply chain and export uncertainty.

“There’s no doubt that UK Manufacturing may be feeling exactly the same pressures of the global energy price hikes that are being felt through the entire supply chain.”

“However, keeping manufacturing in Britain reduces many of the costs, the most significant of which is transportation. Shipping and logistics prices, as well as delays in delivery, have led to a number of supply chain issues.”

“Sourcing production outside of the UK used to be a viable way to sub contract sheet metal fabrication, but as time has moved on, the cost benefit, logistics and infrastructure that supported this kind of trade has eroded. British manufacturing is world-leading and by reshoring to the UK, companies benefit from a more localised control of production, ensuring that everything from communication to quality standards are to the highest standard possible.”

“With world-class engineers here in the UK, along with strong partnerships with leading suppliers, we have the expertise, capacity and ability to prototype and progress production opportunities, without the inflated price tag involved with logistics.”

“There are other moves we are taking as a company to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy. Recently, we replaced all of our lights in our 85,000 sq. ft site to LED lights, saving energy and doing our part to for the environment. Our next step is to implement 1960 solar panels on the roof of our factory, with the eventual aim to be off grid in the next 5 years. By putting this infrastructure in place, we are not only working to secure the future of our business but we are able to remain cost competetive.”

“We are increasingly supporting our customers, from a wide variety of sectors, to take on their production and alleviate some of the pressures facing businesses today.”

If you would like to find out more about how we can support reshoring your sheet metal production to the UK with our complete in-house fabrication service, get in touch.

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